There are those who argue the term "Affirmative Action" is worn and Cliché. The much debated catch-phrase adopted many years ago, was born out of a need for equitable treatment.  The phrase was often misused as an ideological and political weapon to create division. The misuse of the term does not change its original intent and value.

Objective reflection reveals a clear and continuing need to remain Affirmative and be willing to take Action. So in my humble opinion, the words, if not the phrase, continue to be relevant.

If, after listening to the speech, you find it objectionable, you might want to consider why.  If you find it objectionable
WITHOUT listening to it, then we probably already know why!

For your convenience, the links below open a new window, so you may listen while you are doing other things.  Also for you convenience, you may listen to the entire 20 minute speech as a Playlist (4 five-minute audio sessions), 

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