Saturday, January 28, 2017

Congratulations Reva Hudson

When faced with challenging circumstances, Reva Hudson dug deep.  On her side was a combination of a strong will, a made up mind, faith, a supportive and loving family, her University Hospital Medical and Rehabilitation specialists, and God's blessings.  Reva's medical challenge and the response to that challenge reminded some and revealed to others a creative talent that aided in her recovery, inspired others, and has the potential of benefiting her in ways not yet imagined.

Certainly no one wanted the challenge Reva faced, but through that experience, she has demonstrated that sometimes when "life hands you lemons," you have the ability to "make lemonade."  Hopefully Reva's story will help someone who is facing challenging circumstances.  We are all praying for her continued good health and all God's blessings. 

To see more of Reva's artwork, CLICK HERE!

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