Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wolf Denzale Reese - NEVER Give Up On Your Dreams!

Wolf Denzale Reese

I moved to California about a year ago with a dream of becoming a software engineer. I had no exposure to computer science growing up, so I worked every single night to teach myself ---- while also trying to make a difference for students facing similar obstacles, thru truly life-changing experiences with City Year and then at Apple. At the City Year gala, I met the billionaire CEO of SAP (a global tech company in Silicon Valley). I got to tell him how hard I was working to out-hustle my circumstance to reach my dream and he said he would be looking out for me, as he had a feeling we would see each other again. A year later, right when I was exhausted and ready to give up, I am now a software developer at his company! I was close to rock bottom just a few months ago, and now I am the happiest I have ever been. If you have a dream too, DON'T QUIT. Thank y'all for the birthday wishes!  

A note from the Author:  CONGRATULATIONS Wolf, and a big thank you to your grandmother, Ilinda Reese, because I know where some of that positive attitude came from.  Knowing her personality assures me that you were born with greatness in you, and some of it has flowed into the lives of those around you.  Please continue to reach for the stars, and help to light the way for others.  


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