Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Tree She Planted Book Release - Celebrating and Making Black History

Just released in eBook and Paperback format . . .
The Tree She Planted  - Celebrating and Making Black History
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The Tree She Planted is an informational and inspirational history of my family reunion, including revelations of the powerful positive impact reunions can have on all families.  I share my experiences of attending all forty-five consecutive reunions, revealing rewards I've experienced in personal and professional growth.  The Tree She Planted is inspirational, historical, and visionary; and a helpful guide to reunion planners.  It includes challenges faced, solutions implemented; and reminders of your inherent power to make a difference.

The Tree She Planted is confirmation that the still small voice of our Creator wants us to be a larger and stronger part of the great institution of Family.  It is family and proper spiritual guidance, that will provide us with the ability to survive, prosper, and build upon the strong legacies we have inherited.

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