Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Community LEAP Program - 4-22-2019 - Speaker Professor David A. Thompson

Additional photos and video clips - Click Here!

The Community LEAP Program took a giant step forward at its April 22nd meeting at the Twinsburg Community Center.  Professor David A. Thompson, CCE, delivered an informative, inspiring, and potentially life changing presentation to program participants.  

The program entitled Find Yourself and Be That, left participants and LEAP staff members alike challenged to discard negativity and embrace their true self, in order to grow personally and professionally.  His informative and pointed presentation touched the minds and hearts of all in attendance.

I showed up to capture a few photos and video clips, and became so caught up in the program content, that I nearly forgot my original purpose for being there.  The timely presentation left no dreams shattered, and no possibilities eliminated.  Professor Thompson's casual, low-key delivery put attendees at ease and allowed information and ideas to flow freely.

Not one to stand on formality, Professor Thompson began his presentation by suggesting that he be referred to as David, as opposed to Mr. Thompson. I only discovered he was a professor because I visited his Facebook Timeline before beginning this article.  I may find myself in a little "trouble" if I keep referring to him as professor in this article.  Accompanying and assisting David, was his equally talented and very personable wife.  

For those who are on a journey of self-discovery (as we all should be), I strongly recommend following and seeking the services of David A. Thompson.  

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  1. Thank you, Mr.Ford for such kind words. Our desire is to assist others in their pursuit of achievement as others have helped us. continued blessings to you, Dr.Longmire and Staff.