Thursday, February 11, 2021

Black History - Thursday, February 11, 2021 - Kent Wise

Kent Wise

My story: One of Faith and Persistence.

You can always overcome the obstacles of life.

In grade school I had a speech impediment and was labeled a slow learner. During this time I was always "mocked" and discredited. However when I graduated from HS I was in the top 10% of my class.

During my college years I was one of just a few African-Americans in the school of Journalism with a major in Advertising. During my Sophomore year I was placed on Academic probation and I once had a professor told me that he "felt sorry for me since" I came from an inner-city school district (Cleveland) and I was probably not properly prepared due to my background. However during my senior year I made the deans list and achieved a 4.0 GPA during my last semester graduating with a B. S. in Advertising.

As I started my career in Marketing and Sales with a Fortune 50 Company, I was assigned an underperforming  territory and challenged to improve market share and sales with limited resources and support. I improved sales and was awarded many prizes and trips and won respect from my peers.

In various managerial positions I was always one of the few minorities "at the table" but I always had an impact and had my voice heard and respected.

You know, God has a sense of humor. Who would of thought that a stuttering, speech impediment little kid from the public housing projects of Cleveland would later be named the Toastmaster Of The Year and would become a Motivational Speaker and a Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now as an Entrepreneur and in Full time Ministry my goal is to continue to make an impact and become an example demonstrating that anyone can succeed with the help of God and mentorship.

I have not fully arrived, but I have LEFT!

Keep the faith and persist on to your destiny!

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